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My name is Abigail Spyker and I have worked with video for ten years, producing a variety of videos ranging from lifestyle documentaries to corporate promotional videos. I love working as a Portland videographer and photographer.

Topics include: filming techniques, video and motion graphics examples, design inspiration, opportunities for videographers, broadcast journalism, visual storytelling, data visualization, education, emerging technologies, and other compelling stories


Ah, the animated gif - videographer competition or a new trick to add to the bag?  More like an art form unto itself.

via: mashable

Throughout their 25 years of existence, GIFs have served a variety of purposes, from practicality to purely entertainment. How did such a vast, eclectic medium come to be?

The answer is in the newest episode of PBS’s web series Off Book, “Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium.”

Check out the video above and read Christine Erickson’s article on the video and the medium here.