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My name is Abigail Spyker and I have worked with video for ten years, producing a variety of videos ranging from lifestyle documentaries to corporate promotional videos. I love working as a Portland videographer and photographer.

Topics include: filming techniques, video and motion graphics examples, design inspiration, opportunities for videographers, broadcast journalism, visual storytelling, data visualization, education, emerging technologies, and other compelling stories


storefront video installment … under water in the clouds … poignant
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storefront video installment … under water in the clouds … poignant

via: laughingsquid

A Capella Science - Rolling in the Higgs

From Tim Blais, a self-proclaimed harmony addict working on a master’s in theoretical physics.  Bravo!

Love it! Reminds me of my 1st motion picture class, when I wrote a horror story about being home alone. I was delighted when it was voted as one of the concepts to turn into a short motion picture.  Sound design makes all the difference, that’s for sure!

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Mrs. Doubtfire as a Horror Film

Videographer's 30-day Challenge (15 seconds videos)

It’s important for videographers and creative people to create personal assignments and a 30-day challenge is a great way to experience something new while still leaving space for the day-to-day projects that take up the majority of our time.

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Last week I gave myself the challenge of posting a 15 second video every day for the next 30 days. 

Why 15 seconds? It is both short and long. The challenge of finding 15 seconds of interesting material to present everyday is quite a challenge, I can’t just always film a flower for 15 seconds. But at the same time it is incredibly hard to say everything you want to say in only 15 seconds…

I’m currently a week into the challenge and will be continuing throughout April, I hope you will enjoy following my short clips. They are all on my Vimeo page and I have even placed them all in one album, here.

You can also follow along with a lot of extra added details, on my other Tumblr: 15430.tumblr.com

Videographer reveals dancing fluid as art … finding the extraordinary in the ordinary (ordinary, so long as ferrofluid is a household name for you).

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Dancing Fluids Look Like A Work Of Art

Fluids that dance in such a way that it leaves you completely hypnotized, especially set to beautiful music. 

Like a music video for the scientifically minded, the short film below explores the unusual world of ferrofluid, a liquid which acts a lot like a gelatinous magnet. The second installment in an ongoing series of experiments, the film was made by Singapore based photographer/videographer Afiq Omar, who edited it with a distinctly dark and rhythmic style that’s as intriguing as it is creepy. Omar’s goal was to create something using ‘analog’ effects, so what you see here uses few modifications after shooting, showing the utter weirdness of his subject material and his talent as a videographer.

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Time lapse videography of our galaxy?  Not quite…

What you see is real, but you can’t see it this way with the naked eye. It is the result of thousands of 20-30 second exposures, edited together to produce the timelapse. This allows you to see the Milky Way, Aurora and other Phenomena, in a way you wouldn’t normally see them. source

A Seattle videographer produced this mesmerizing video…

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Secret Life of Ice - Look at frozen water through cross-polarized light, and zoom in with a macro lens, and you’ll find a colorful and intricate landscape. Edward Aites submitted this video to Science Friday. Aites, a photographer and videographer specializing in time-lapse, said he was looking for something to explore in his studio during the winter months and started playing around with ice.

Chaos is the way the fields of the mind are plowed so that new ideas can grow.

A quote by Harrison Owen on Open Space Technology.

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The producers of this creative video animation offer a perspective on what it’s like to live with synesthesia (in this case, the main character feels sounds). This is a lovely dialogue-free video from Turkey.

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Good videographers and editors know the element of surprise can make all the difference. It won’t make up for a lacking storyline… but a cute cat will!

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Videographers and photographers - meet cinemagrams!

These cinemagrams are made with a $2 app … incredible! I see potential in a lot of areas … especially things where just a little life makes all the difference … I’m thinking architectural photography and interior design.  Or promoting a product and the product is the only thing that moves.  Hmm….

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Videographers, are you ready for a whole new market in video production? Esquire magazine blazes the trail for “magazine story trailers.”

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If there can be book trailers and album trailers, why not magazine story trailers? Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab looks at whether Esquire’s recent trailer worked and why.

The videographer for this creative video montage captures a series of POV shots (all looking down and all on a tripod).  Cool concept and nicely executed.

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