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My name is Abigail Spyker and I have worked with video for ten years, producing a variety of videos ranging from lifestyle documentaries to corporate promotional videos. I love working as a Portland videographer and photographer.

Topics include: filming techniques, video and motion graphics examples, design inspiration, opportunities for videographers, broadcast journalism, visual storytelling, data visualization, education, emerging technologies, and other compelling stories


The FJP: FJP Internships, 2012 Edition

Calling videographers with a passion for journalism and storytelling.  Your internship opportunity awaits!

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Over the holidays we posted about our 2012 internships. We begin interviewing candidates next week. We repost here what we posted then for those who might have been doing non-Tumblry things the past few weeks.

Please pass along to those you believe would be interested.

As we head into the…

Video editors, storytellers and data lovers should check out this video: How to Tell a Story with Data.  The main steps to data visualization go like this:

  1. Get your data
  2. Ask your question
  3. Choose your tools
  4. Explore trends, patterns and differences across categories
  5. Not you’ve got your story; design with a purpose

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Video based on Nathan Yau’s new book, Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics. Wiley Technology writes of the video on Youtube: 

Our world is awash in data. To mean anything, it must be presented in a way that enables us to interpret, analyze, and apply the information. One of the best ways to do that is visually.

Videographer Tips: The Five Shot Rule Helps You Shoot Video Like a Pro

Seasoned videographers and newcomers to capturing events on video—say, if you want to be a video journalist or a documentarian—you should familiarize with Michael Rosenbaum’s “five shot” method.

Portland Videographers and video producers around the world, your time has arrived!  Stories matter.  Time to tell the important ones.  More big picture thinkers?  Yes, please.
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The future will belong to:
creators and empathizers,
pattern recognizers,
meaning makers.

Portland Videographers and video producers around the world, your time has arrived!  Stories matter.  Time to tell the important ones.  More big picture thinkers?  Yes, please.

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The future will belong to:

creators and empathizers,

pattern recognizers,

meaning makers.

Creating Oral History Interview Videos on an iPod Touch

Video production just got cheap.  Anyone’s a videographer and video editor.  All you need is an iPhone and a $60 microphone. This article links to everything else you need, and it’s all free!

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I’m working with an Oklahoma teacher who helped her students conduct multiple interviews last week and this weekend with U.S. military veterans for Veteran’s Day. She is exploring several project ideas for students using these recorded interviews using just iPod Touches. These are 3-5 minute videos using images (not actual ‘videos’) and audio narration. Her school has hundreds of iPod Touches, but doesn’t have laptops for all students, so iPod Touch media creation makes the most sense in her situation. In this post I’ll summarize some of my recommendations for her.

Video production, videography, and video editing take on a whole new meaning when a robot does the heavy lifting.  The sample video is far from great, but this product’s potential is undeniable.

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Robots, Video and the News

A South Korean startup called Shakr is automating video news production for the web.

To do so, they run a semantic analysis of top news stories, send out bots to gather images and publicly available video about the story, send out another bot to gather text to be read by an automated voice, mash it all together and boom, a video’s produced on the topic.

The company says it can do it almost in realtime.

Via ReadWriteWeb:

Shakr is lead by David Lee, an entrepreneur we wrote about first for his work on video chat platform Tinychat. Lee says the new company has raised seed funding and has already secured a deal with Tatter Media, a large South Korean blog syndicate. Shakr will automatically produce video versions of that company’s bloggers text, in near real time. A consumer-facing app will also allow end users to create multi-media shows out of their home media assets.

“For writers the transition to video is lucrative but extremely expensive on the front-end,” Lee says. “We will help bloggers and small online news sites compete with the powerhouses of online content by turning out video even faster than the big boys do.”

A network of “little guys” all participating with the most powerful parts of their computers will enable Shakr to create news video automatically, faster than Fox News or CNN. That’s the company’s aim - but there’s no need to stop at news, either.

If this sounds vaguely familiar, you might remember that the StatSheet sports network is written by robots

Why is Video Hard? Five Shots and Patterns

This may “revolutionize how we learn and shoot video, opening up video storytelling to journalists and crowdsourcing efforts,” a quote from the author of Why is Video Hard? Five Shots and Patterns.  

The succinct ideas in this article can help amateur and professional videographers, alike; it’s a dream-come true for video teachers; and I smell better video storytelling tools on the horizon.

I’m reminded of a video about iMovie 11’s trailer builder.  While it looks awesome for easily creating a dramatic trailer, I was not impressed with iMovies ability to really tell a story.

The ideas presented in Andrew Pergam’s article bring us closer than ever to creating an automatic story-builder, one where you drop in the story-chunks and the edited story emerges… Just check out his app mock-up in the middle of the article.

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Inspiration for anyone with a passion for storytelling, videography, writing and any form of creative expression.

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