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... a Portland videographer exploring new and noteworthy ideas in the world of video production in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

My name is Abigail Spyker and I have worked with video for ten years, producing a variety of videos ranging from lifestyle documentaries to corporate promotional videos. I love working as a Portland videographer and photographer.

Topics include: filming techniques, video and motion graphics examples, design inspiration, opportunities for videographers, broadcast journalism, visual storytelling, data visualization, education, emerging technologies, and other compelling stories


Check out our latest TV commercial for broadcast. We used DSLR cameras, a zoom recorder, LED lights and edited in Adobe After Effects.  This television commercial was filmed and edited by our team at Northwest Media Collective and produced by our friends at College Performance Partners and Pioneer Pacific College. Thanks to Joe Micheals for some great voiceover; we’ve worked together for going on ten years.

Cluster Processing and Final Cut Pro

Videographers in the edit room, time to set up cluster processing.  Here’s how:

via: sjmblog:

Successfully setup clustering and processed a batch of videos at a 1/4 faster.  Cluster between my Hackintosh, the latest Mac Mini, and a Macbook Pro 13”.  

Here are the 2 guides I found most helpful:

  1. fcproducer how to encode faster…
  2. pdf from creative cow

Why is Video Hard? Five Shots and Patterns

This may “revolutionize how we learn and shoot video, opening up video storytelling to journalists and crowdsourcing efforts,” a quote from the author of Why is Video Hard? Five Shots and Patterns.  

The succinct ideas in this article can help amateur and professional videographers, alike; it’s a dream-come true for video teachers; and I smell better video storytelling tools on the horizon.

I’m reminded of a video about iMovie 11’s trailer builder.  While it looks awesome for easily creating a dramatic trailer, I was not impressed with iMovies ability to really tell a story.

The ideas presented in Andrew Pergam’s article bring us closer than ever to creating an automatic story-builder, one where you drop in the story-chunks and the edited story emerges… Just check out his app mock-up in the middle of the article.

article link via: lleake.